Sunday, 15 September 2013

Snow day

Still no climbing ... It has been quite difficult to not climb anything , I can feel myself getting gradually weaker and it's not nice . I did pull on to my wall for a couple of sloper hangs a few days ago just to remind my body what's what and that actually felt pretty good , but I decided to play it safe and just take a little more time . Tomorrow I may reward myself with a trip to Froggatt to climb some easy to moderate stuff to see how my injuries react .

I managed to get some distraction by heading to the snow for the last few days . The weather turned out mint which was awesome because the forecast was pretty average . I went down with my friend Jay and we got in two days of snow boarding . We commenced out journey Friday evening after Jay finished work at around 6:30 and must of got to Taumaranui around 10 I guess . We stayed at the Taumaranui campground which was all we needed it to be at $50 per night for a twin room . They left the door open for us so we didn't need to mess around with keys and could settle in easily after our long drive . The next morning after breakfast and coffees we headed up the mountain utilising the cheaper half day pass - from 12 on - obviously we hadn't been in much of a rush .

I had pre booked the alpine club hut for Saturday night , which sits above 2000m on the Whakapapa side . It was my first time using it and it was awesome ! We had a good night of movies and chess and also meet some people who were up there for ice climbing and general adventuring . The night turned very windy and snowy and I wasn't all that hopefull for the next day , but when I woke up we had clear blue sky's and after a while no wind at all . Perfect .

All in all it worked out amazingly and i had a perfect trip and now that I have been up to the lodge I will likely start using it a bit more frequently . It will make a good base for some climbing scouting missions .

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