Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Caught on tape !

A good day today !

I did about 3 hours of traversing with only one or two little stops . Figured it would be good to build up some endurance again after not climbing for nearly two weeks . I might try do this a bit more often to get a solid base fitness ( raising my anaerobic threshold ) it's likely good therapy too ...

I hadn't planned on doing anything hard , infact just the opposite but hey ... Whatever ... I tried a few moves on Glenn's " Stranger From The Id V9 " after not making much headway I thought I would give Yakuza a go . I have repeated it a few times but never caught the ascent on camera so took a punt . After a quick brush and putting on my old full of holes shoes I pulled on and found myself crushing the moves first go relatively easily ! Setting up for the dead point on Seven Samurai my right hand wasn't on the best part of the hold and I was very awear that I was trying to smear with worn through shoe rubber ... Not wanting to let an opertunity go by again though I managed to select crush mode ( not ideal when nursing as many injuries as I am ... ) I stuck the dead point openhanded and was stalling a bit as nothing was quite on target and I didn't want to use my left crimp but I managed to close up the left hand ( very naughty ) and squirm my way though the final hard move . Yay .

It was getting dark by this stage but thought I would stay on the train and so sent Secret Crack 17 solo which I had chickened out of before and then further warmed down with some of my regular solo/ highballs . A good day and happy to come away with only very mild discomfort in my hands .

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