Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Home training session

I had planned on training today but had not planned on climbing tomorrow ... For some reason half way through my training session I made up my mind to go back to Froggatt . Anyway for good or bad that's now the plan , time to post on the Project page on Facebook to try connect with other like minded individuals .

Here's a vid from today's training . Bare in mind I cut it short ...

Just an easy session today as I would still like to have some good performance for tomorrow down Froggatt .

Not the smartest idea training before a climbing session but I hadn't planed on going to Froggatt but made up my mind during training ...

Started with 15 mins on the bike and some abdominal work .

Then doing

10 single pull-ups
5 double pull-ups

Finger recruitment

10 reps of

4 finger open sub second hangs on a positive edge using 1 pad
3 "
2 front " on pocket

Then repeated with a slightly longer hang .

If I'm not feeling strong after this I will continue as long as necessary ...

Then I do easy circuits on comfortable holds until my body and arms feel strong . All the while being careful to not warmup too hard and get a pump .

Then I boulder with increasing difficulty , again taking decent rest between attempts and being careful to not hang on too long if a problem isn't going well ect .

I haven't spent much time climbing pockets or open handed in general , so i am playing things safe , I also have a few injuries that I'm being careful not to aggravate .
This is just a general workout leaning towards fitness and maintaining strength . Normally I would climb harder problems and or train endurance .

Be well .

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